Established in 2020, SJC is a private company Limited by Guarantee that was officially registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Sierra Leone. It has also been approved by the National Council for Technical Vocational and other Academic Awards (NCTVA) and Tertiary Education Commission Sierra Leone (TEC), which are responsible for the regulations of tertiary institutions in the country. The college is determined to become a widely known institution of excellence and has dedicated itself to professionalism, courtesy, dependability and commitment. To accomplish its goals and objectives in a timely manner, SJC will be hiring reliable personnel and strive to create an impeccable reputation.

Our Approach

SJC is centered around giving its students a comprehensive experience intended to make them more responsible members of society. SJC has pinpointed various basic techniques that make our teaching and learning method unique,pertinent, and captivating. We use the most recent and successful techniques of teaching and learning.


We strive to create a brighter tomorrow for everyone by training skilled, dedicated, and discerning professionals. We are dedicated to providing excellent education, carrying out pioneering and effective research, and reaching out to different groups of people.


Our mission is to discover and tackle any problems that could impede the education of people everywhere while exploiting technology to open up more chances to learn.

Core Values